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Realising Genjokoan
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Eihei Dogen Zenji, the 13th-century Zen master central to bringing Zen from China and helping it take root in Japan, is renowned as one the world´s most remarkable religious geniuses. His works are both richly poetic and deeply insightful and philosophical, pointing to the endless depths of Zen exploration. And almost precisely because of these facts, Dogen is often difficult for readers to understand and fully appreciate. ´´Realizing Genjokoan´´ is a comprehensive introduction to the teachings and approach of this great thinker, taking us on a thorough guided tour of the most important essay -- the Genjokoan -- in Dogen´s most significant work, called the Shobogenzo. Indeed, the Genjokoan is regarded as the pinnacle of Dogen´s writings, encompassing and encapsulating the essence of all the rest of his work. Our tour guide for this journey is Shohaku Okumura, a prominent teacher in his own right who has dedicated his life to translating and teaching Dogen.

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